Baby Max - 4 days old

OMG... How precious is this little guy?!?!? Max is the son of Marcie and Erich (from my Jamaica wedding). Born September 1st, Max weighed 8 lbs. 1 oz, and was 20.75 inches long. He is Marcie and Erich's first child, and will definitely be a new photography subject for me for years to come.

Our first photo shoot of sorts with Max didn't really go as well as we would have wanted, but we did get some adorable shots of Max resting peacefully with his mom. I hope to be able to get back down to Indianapolis in the coming weeks and get more pictures of this little guy to share with you all!


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Steve Poltz - 31July09 - South Lyon, Michigan

What can be said that hasn't already been discussed on this website about this combination... You bring Steve up to the Maylen's house in South Lyon and you are in for one heck of a night. This was the fifth show of Steve's at the Maylens' and the 3rd in 'The Barn', yet we still have a fair amount of first timers coming to these shows, who leave just blown away by the entire night.

It is not just Steve's music, his antics, his banter, or his wit that keeps people, like myself, coming back for more each time he comes around the Midwest. It is also the hosts, like the Maylens, the friends, like Modl and Chris Wolf and 'Frag' and Megan, and Lisa, and Charlotte, Nessa, Colleen, and everyone who travels from all around just to come see Steve. It is also the camping, all the tie-die, the dirt floor, the annual neighbor complaints, and the whole atmosphere in general, that brings us back. The food, and entertainment aside from the show that just leaves a lasting impression in our thoughts as we wait for the next time Steve comes out our way.

This show also marked the first time that Chris Wolf was able to grace The Barn's Stage as he was invited to open up the show for Steve, and Chris continues to entertain and win over fans every where I see him perform. It is always a pleasure to see Chris and Dianne and hear Chris perform.

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Zane and Aspen

Not too often is a photographer such as my self lucky enough to be asked to photograph two of the most precious beings imaginable, but this was just the case when I was asked by a friend to come to Cincinnati and photograph Zane and Aspen. I was more than willing to make the drive down to Cincinnati, a second time even, for the chance to take some pictures of these two, and their proud, big sister.

I absolutely fell in love with these two as soon as I laid eyes on them, and as you can tell, the camera does not phase them whatsoever. I am REALLY looking forward to getting to document more of these two, their sister and family, as they get older. They were amazing to work with, and other than a little bladder control issue, not a problem at all. :)

Aspen was even gracious enough to help me out with getting a signature shot for advertising future child photography. If you lay a child on blocks, the blocks will get moved. If you present the right opportunity, you can make art!

I mean, com'on... How freakin' cute is that?!?!

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Our newest family member... Scarlett London Rittenhouse

On Tuesday, July 14th, 2009, our family welcomed in it's newest member when Kelly, my brother's wife (firework photo couple) gave birth to Scarlett London. Scarlett becomes my 2nd niece to Kenny and Kelly and is an absolute doll, as you can see.

This trip also was a reunion of sorts, as it was planned to be my brother's R&R from Afghanistan for Scarlett's birth, so I drove my parents down to see him, Kelly, Fiona and Scarlett. The trip was down was great, minus one little scare with a "LOW FUEL" light lingering on a little too long in the wee hours of the morning. Regardless, we arrived safe, had a great hotel in a great location in Houston, and other than a little heat...

Okay... A LOT OF HEAT!, it was a great trip. It was really good for Kenny to get to come home and see everyone, and to not have to rush from Texas to Indiana just to see us, so it was well worth the drive.

Kenny only had a few weeks of leave, so we didn't want to impose and take up most of his time to be with his wife and daughters, even though we would have enjoyed every second we had together. While down there, I did get to take Fiona to go see "Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs" at on of Houston's Studio Movie Grill's. If you ever get a chance to take in a show at a venue like this, it is really cool. It is a restaurant theater, where you have a wait staff come serve you from a menu, just like at a restaurant, but while sitting at a table in a theater. Good food, good movie, Great Company. But for some reason I still feel like I only took Fiona along as an excuse to see the cartoon movie myself, without looking too bizarre. I loved the movie, quite possibly more than Fiona did, but did have a great time hanging out with her.

It was hard to leave, to say the least, but we wanted to let Kenny enjoy the rest of his time back from the war, at home, with his now larger family. As on the drive to Texas, I played chauffeur to my parents, as I have been dubbed "a road-trippin' fool" by some of my friends. The drive home was a normal road trip for me, with the exception of the one Texas state trooper pulling me over for doing 54 MPH in a 50 MPH zone, that I don't believe was posted. I was stopped 10 yards short of the 60 MPH speed limit sign. He let me go with a warning, after interrogating each of us and slowing my drive by 20-30 minutes. 10 miles after getting stopped, we hit the Louisiana state border.

Showing the world who her favorite uncle is...

Cute Side Story:
So from the first minute that Fiona knew she was going to become a big sister, she has given Kelly, Kenny, and the family plenty of memorable quotes. She first told us that she wanted a little sister, and if she had a little brother she was going to throw him in the trash. She eventually warmed up to the thought of having a sibling more, and was excited to know that she was going to have a little sister.
Monday night, the night before we knew the baby was coming, Fiona had a sleep over with 'Mimi' at the hotel. We were all hanging out at the hotel on Tuesday when I got the text message to start bringing everyone up to the hospital to meet Scarlett. So I asked Fiona if she was ready to go meet her little sister. She suddenly got excited and was really anxious to get up there. Please note that the hotel was about 10 minutes from the hospital. I got Fiona strapped into the car seat in the back of my Truck and left the hotel. As I turned onto the main road to get to the hospital, some 100 yards from where we got in the truck, I looked back and caught this shot with my phone's camera.

Obviously overwhelmed with emotion



Spring & Eric - Pendleton, IN - 13June09

For every 100 traditional weddings, there is a wedding like Spring and Eric's that will just take everything that you saw as normal in a wedding, and toss it all out the window, but yet bring it all together for an event that everyone will remember. For those of us lucky enough to know Spring, how could you expect anything less from this beautiful bride on her wedding day. Spring has an amazingly creating mind that can find ways to create a fun for all. On this day, she provided for all of us in attendance a day to remember, for certain!

Having been privileged enough to have known Spring since High School, I knew that Spring was capable of great things. However, to see what she could do with planning her own wedding at the Gazebo in Pendleton Falls Park, surprised me. To have brought together two great families, such as Spring and Eric's, and mixed in their great friends and their families, it made for such an amazing day.

Eric is a man that I can truely relate to on so many levels. I have always been a self-professed geek, as many of you know. Eric took his to a whole new level, by writing and reading his vows during the ceremony from his smart phone. Now that is impressive!

I have to say that I had soo much fun working with this group and defititly look forward to working with them again. Maybe even a little "bump" shoot coming up?!?!?

Spring, congrats again, and I love you, girl! I wish you and Eric nothing but the best in all that you guys do, as you start your lives together as one.



Ali & David - Elwood, IN - 02May09

David and Ali... What a couple! I have to say that this has been one of the best times I have ever had shooting pictures. These two both come from awesome families and have the greatest friends.

I knew that this one was going to be a fun one when I heard that Mr. Alex Orick was going to be the ringbearer. Alex is one of that many children that my grandmother, my "Nan" has baby sat for over the years. Alex has been around Nan's house to see my brother, Kenny, join the Army, and head off to Afghanistan. He is always excited to see Kenny and wants to grow up and help Kenny in Afghanistan. So hearing that Alex was going to be a part of the wedding party, I knew that I was in for a fun event!

This wedding event also marked a reunion of sorts for me, as I was reacquainted with a couple of my childhood friends, in David and Dustin Robling. Getting to see them and their family again as a treat, as it has been more than 14 years since we had hung out.

Ali was not only the beautiful bride in this wedding, but was also primarily responsible for almost all of the planning and arrangements of the entire event. I have yet to come across a potential bride that has been as organized as she was.

Albeit a very long day, it was a day that I know I won't soon forget, and I am sure that it is one that those friends and families of these two will remember as well. David and Ali, I wish you nothing but the best of happiness and love as you guys start your lives together. I am truely honored to have been a part of your memorable day.



New Assistant's Family - 22March09 - Tipton, Indiana

As some of you know from my MySpace and Facebook pages, late last year, I was searching for a new asssistant. Well I have found one for the Indiana when I least expected to find one. At a going away party for a friend that I ran around with in High School, I met Courtney and James. Courtney and I immediately hit it off talking photography and kids.

She and James have a little boy named Karson, who is an absolute doll to photograph. He is precious, as you can see by this little trip to the park.



Steve Poltz - 06March09 - Cleveland, Ohio

I recently had the chance to head to Memphis, Tennessee to see Steve's touring with Ian McLagan and the Bump Band, but had to cancel my trip. So I decided that since I was off work, I'd make the trip up to Cleveland to catch them play at the Beachland Ballroom. This was quite a nice venue, but was in a terrible neighborhood. One wrong turn off the interstate and you are in a less-than desirable part of Cleveland. However, that didn't stop us.

I hitched a ride to Cleveland with a friend and fellow Poltz fan, Colleen and her friend Amanda. I almost didn't get to make this trip as some logistics almost made it impossible for my ride to pick me up on the way. We made the trip and got there with some time to spare.

The venue was nice as I mentioned. This show was probably targeting an older generation, but we still had a great time and enjoyed the show. Had a great time rocking out with a George Harrison look-a-like, and his friends. This was my first time hearing Ian McLagan and the Bump Band, but I had seen Jud "Scrappy" Newcombe in New Jersey in the past. So it was a treat to get to see him play with Steve on a few songs as well as playing with the Bump Band.

This was an eventful trip aside from the show, to say the least. Our ride home featured us playing a little round of "Jeopardy" under the category of "Things that happened last night in Cleveland", which included a lot of memorable moments to say the least. This was definitely a road trip and show that I will not forget any time soon.




Steve Poltz - 05March09 - Dayton, Ohio

Canal Street Tavern... The historic venue in my backyard. Steve's been making the trip to Dayton, Ohio to perform here since his early days with the Rugburns.

Some lesser known local band was supposed to open up for Steve this night, but canceled. Sometime that afternoon, Steve's friend and fellow musician, Tom Flannery, left his Kentucky home to come up in hopes of catching Steve's set from the audience. By the time he got to the venue and met up with Steve, Steve was ready to have Tom open for him. Tom, not having any gear with him was left with playing an opening set with Steve's guitar, but that didn't stop him from putting on a great show.

This was my 2nd chance to see Tom perform, as he and his brother Tim, and son Dylan joined the stage with Steve at a show in Lexington, Kentucky in August of 2007 (Photo Gallery). He has a very musically gifted family, and it is always a pleasure to be in his presence and hearing his music. His song, Orion, must have left an impression on me in Lexington, because even after a year and a half, after only hearing it the one time, I found myself remembering the lyrics as I sat in my seat in Dayton. It is definitely a song worth listening to. If you would like to hear it and some others from Tom, jump over to his MySpace page and listen to some that he has posted there.

After Tom handed over "Ol' Smokey" back to Steve, Steve played another great set, and continued his antics from the previous evening in Indianapolis, keeping us all laughing and tied to his every word as he shared his humorous stories from his past and his travels.

Steve was also joined on stage again by Niki Dakota, the host of Excursions on WYSO, a Dayton public radio station. Niki had Steve on her show earlier in the day for about 45 minutes of songs and stories, so Steve invited her back to the stage to help sing a song with him, just as he did the last time he was at Canal Street Tavern, last summer.

It was again great to see everyone that came out. Beth, her husband, and the twins that are going to be scarred for life, thanks to Steve, made the trip. Matt and Terri Maylen made it down from Michigan for this show. Slack, the host of that Lexington show from 2007, came down, bringing some friends and co-workers from a job-site in Ohio. Of course, Frag, Nessa, Colleen, and the usuals came, keeping the family-like atmosphere in tact... well some weird dysfunctional family-like atmosphere anyways.




Steve Poltz - 04March09 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Steve Poltz at Local's Only... If you ever wanted to see just one show of Steve's and had to choose one venue, this would have to be the one... Well this one and The Barn in Michigan, but that's 2 shows, so just go to both. Anyways, there is something about the atmosphere at Dave and Michelle's venue in Indy that brings the best (or worst) out in Steve, but regardless makes for an amazing night with Steve. For some reason, Steve doesn't have the ability to end a show in a timely manner here, but for those of us in the crowd, we will NEVER object. His set lists in Indy somehow always end up stretching to 35-45 songs even on week nights, which is a remarkable feat for any musician.

Somehow this show became one to remember for me and my family. Having took the week off from work to travel home and see friends and family before catching some of Steve's shows, I was able to get to the club early to talk to Steve during his sound check. I had been talking to my brother, Kenny, in Afghanistan, on a Voice-Over-IP program earlier in the day. Kenny and I talked about the fact that this was his daughter, Fiona's, 5th birthday. Kenny and I thought that it would be cool to have Steve wished Fiona a "Happy 5th Birthday" and sang her a song, and then played a request for Kenny as well. On this tour, Steve has been recording the audio from the live show, and his road manager, Chris Modle's been burning live audio CD's of the shows and selling them as soon as Steve is done with the last songs. So I knew I had an opportunity to get the recording of Steve's birthday dedication to Fiona, and have something to send to Kenny in a care package.

So I approached Steve before the show and explained my thoughts, to which I got a reply of "No!" with a sheepish chuckle. Steve asked a few minutes later if I liked that answer, and I said, "We'll see!" and then I reminded him that my family has guns and we know how to shoot them. That was the end of that conversation, as I let Steve continue to get prepared for his show.

Coming to the show in Indiana is a great chance to catch up with my extended family of Poltz fans that I only get to see a few times a year. This show brought back some of my closer friends, in Spring, who brought her fiance, Eric and about 8 others from work. Rob came and lured some friends from Illinois. Got to see Colleen and Nessa, as well as April and her friend Heidi who both sat with me through this show. Chris and Dianne Wolf made the trip, as expected, and Jay and others made it who I hadn't seen for a few shows.

Steve had Chris Wolf join him on the stage a few times, not only to help demonstrate the choreography of one of Steve's songs, but also gave Chris the opportunity to play a few of his own songs, including "Spotless" which can be heard on Chris's MySpace page. "Spotless" is a very entertaining song about Chris' invisible dog. This song was just selected from 15,500 songs as a finalist for a International Songwriters Competition. I highly recommend everyone reading this to go listen to the song. If you enjoy it, go vote for it. To vote, just follow this link, then click on the word "here" in the box that says "Click here to listen ot the finalists songs and cast your vote."

Steve was definitely in his element this night, as he was more than entertaining to all in attendance. He kept the atmosphere loose and fun, and kept the crowd involved the whole night. Keeping us involved had an unplanned effect as he realized while on stage that he was going to sell more live CD's if he made some of his banter and songs more personal for each person in the crowd. Upon realizing this, he stepped up his game and made it a personal experience for several of us.

During Steve's break, I took the opportunity to leave a note on stage asking again, well more like threatening Steve to play "Marsupial" for Fiona and wish her a Happy Birthday. Steve returned to the stage and played a few songs, but other than an occasional glance, made little effort to let me know that he acknowledged my note. Then during his encore, he finally made the dedication, but made it in a way that was entertaining to his crowd as well as addressing my note.

Fiona's Birthday Request-UNCENSORED Part 1.mp3

NOTE: This audio file contains some language and references that may not be suitable for younger audiences.

Fiona's Birthday Request-UNCENSORED Part 2.mp3

NOTE: This audio file contains some language and references that may not be suitable for younger audiences.

Fiona's Birthday Request.mp3

I got back to Elwood sometime after 2am and spent a few hours editing the audio down to try to get Fiona her song without any offensive humor included, but also wanted to provide the uncensored parts to Kenny in Afghanistan, as I knew he would love to hear it, as well as Steve's greeting to Kenny and congratulating him and Kelly on the future birth of their next child in July.


Don't ask... You really "had to be there" for sure!



Weddings and Wars

Some people may have noticed that I have added a section on the lower right of this blog that links to the online material created by Michael Yon. For those of you that are visiting my website looking at me as a Wedding Photographer, I can see where this may be confusing.

Why would a wedding photographer have dispatches from a war-time journalist on his blog? Well to answer that, I would have to suggest that you not look at me as a wedding photographer, as much as a photographer that shoots weddings. I personally look at myself as a photojournalist that happens to shoot weddings. I enjoy documenting life in photography, as much as I do documenting weddings.

Also, as I have mentioned before, my brother, Kenny, has recently deployed to Afghanistan for a tour of duty as a military intelligence gatherer. He works as an interrogator at Bagram Air Base just north of Kabul, Afghanistan. So I personally have a reason to want to keep up on what is going on in the Middle East.

Now, who is Michael Yon? Michael Yon is a US Special Forces Veteran who travels the Middle East in war torn areas and communities. He is a journalist and photographer who reports things as it is in these areas, without any bias from politics and media. He has won numberous awards for his photographs and his writings from his travels throughout Iraq and Afghanistan. His photograph entitled Little Girl was voted as Time Magazine's Online Photo of the Year for 2005, capturing 66% of all online votes. That picture alone tells such a story and perfectly depicts exactly what Yon does in his travels. You can see that picture on his site by clicking on this link.


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Family Pride

As some of you that are close to me may know that my brother, Kenny, is someone that is very close to me despite being so far away physically. As I mentioned in my posting from Kenny and Kelly's wedding, Kenny and I have had a rocky past, to say the least. Regardless though, he and I have been there for each other through it all. I can clearly remember back to when we were growing up, some of the times that we had to "be there for each other" or stuck up for each other. As a very small child, I can remember sitting up on Kenny's bed with the sheets pulled over our head talking with flash lights late at night, talking to him about our parents fighting for custody. I can remember growing up in Anderson, when I would mouth off and start a fight with some of the neighborhood kids, Kenny would always be there to stand up for me, knowing that I would get my beating from him later, versus taking the beating from the person that I instigated.

Throughout our youths, we have always had that unique bond, but it wasn't until later in our lives that we realized how much being there for one another really meant to us. As I believe I have said before, and I will say it again, our bond is so strong that not a conversation goes by, no matter how brief, nor what company is present, our conversations never end without a, "Love you, Bub" reference.

I do love my brother and I am so darn proud of everything that he has become in his life. To have turned his troubled teenage years around to becoming a married family man and honorably serving our country is more commendable than words can describe.

The end of 2008 brought plenty of emotion for our family. With the declining health and eventual passing of our grandfather, our family was, and still is, going through a lot of heartache. Kenny and his family were able to make a surprise trip to Indiana in late November for one last chance to see "Pap" before his passing. However, their trip also brought some exciting news. This was a chance for the family to find out that we are expecting another member to our family later this year. Kenny and Kelly announced that they are expecting. It was decided that if the child is a boy, the name that Kenny shared with our grandfather, and our dad, would be used. So we are anxiously awaiting Kenneth David Rittenhouse IV's arrival in July. We also officially welcomed Fiona into the family, as her name change was official. She is now my niece in name as well as in my heart.

Fiona - Photo taken Christmas '08

After Kenny, Kelly, and Fiona made another trip to Indiana for Christmas, the realism had set in. Kenny drove the family back to Houston, spent a few more days with Kelly, Fiona, and "# 4" and then had to fly back up to Fort Lewis in Washington State. Kenny is at Ft. Lewis finishing up training before flying over to Afghanistan to serve. This will be his first tour of duty, and something that he is proud to do, despite the emotions of having to leave his now growing family for. He will have the opportunity to return home for the birth of his son, but will have to return soon after.
From Fort Benning Graduation

His assignment will keep him in a good situation despite it being a bad place to be. He will be on a military base almost the entire time, and will be well protected in order to fulfill his duties. He is going over with a laptop and a digital camera, so I am hoping to be able to supply my blog with some guest photography and documentaries while he is there.

Collage I made after his Nov05 Graduation.

On behalf of the family,
"Kenny, we love you. We are soo proud of you. And we cannot wait until you return home safely. Send us some pictures and I will post them on the blog. Love ya, Bub!"

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New Year, New Site...

As we welcome in 2009, and all the changes that 2009 may bring, we at have decided that the changes could come here as well. 2009 is going to be dubbed "The Year of the Organized Josh" in my family, and a part of the new mantra we will have a more organized, cleaner, looking web presence.

The new website is live and active. I hope you enjoy and please feel free to post comments about the new site.



Aleiha & Vinnie - Columbus, OH - 09Aug08

I am sure that everyone has heard stories about "Bridezilla" coming out on a wedding day. Let me be the first to say that the one was the ying to the "bridezilla's" yang. I don't know that I will ever meet a bride or a couple for that matter that was as calm and collected through an entire wedding process as this couple. They were amazing to work with and so much fun to be around. Their families and friends were awesome too. I don't know if it is possible, but I am certainly looking forward to working with more couples like these two in the future.

So the morning of the wedding, I pack up my gear and set off down I-70 for Columbus. I figured I would get their early to make sure that I could have everything ready to get started as soon as they were ready. And other than figuring out quickly that there is a difference in a State Street and a East State Street in Columbus, the morning started off like any other wedding day for me. Then I met the bride.

I get to the Hyatt where the couple was staying and the wedding was going to take place. Beautiful hotel in downtown Columbus, I have to say. I get up to the bride's suite and meet Aleiha. Never have I met a bride on her wedding morning that was as calm and collected as she was. I knew then that this was going to be a fun day.

So we start shooting the "Getting Ready" shots and it was my first chance to start meeting some of the friends and family that were going to take part in the day's festivities. I have to say that Aleiha comes from a wonderful family, and I had so much fun just hanging out with her adorable brother and sister, and all her friends, while snapping shots of her getting ready.

Then is when things started to show through as to what type of day this was going to be. We go through and shoot some of the preparation shots, and started to shoot some of the dress and the other still life shots that most photographers get, when we realized that there was a few items missing. So, someone asks, "Where's your veil?" which then lead to other key items like a garter that were no where to be found. After the search party of about 5 of us start sifting through the boxes and other wedding day items, it was discovered that the veil and a few other things may have been left at home. At this point, I figure most brides would have started to panic. Not this one. Aleiha took it like a champ and acted as if it didn't bother her. It was then that I knew that I was in for an amazing day with this group.

Vinnie and Aleiha are such a fun couple. It shows in the faces of everyone that was attending this wedding. There were soo many people here that just knew how to have a great time. Everyone was having a blast and that made my job so much easier and much more fun. I enjoyed getting to chat with just about everyone there, when they all weren't out on the dance floor. The kids, the parents, the friends, the grandparents, everyone was out on the dance floor throughout the night, which allowed the photo opportunities to come and keep coming.

What a group! I had so much fun and I want to thank Vinnie and Aleiha for the opportunity to capture these moments for them on their special day. I couldn't have picked a better group to work with if I had to pick each guest out myself. I wish these two nothing but the best as they start the rest of their lives together, as husband and wife!



Kelly & Kenny - Oklahoma City, OK - 04July08

Now Mike and Amber's wedding may have been the first that I have done as a professional for people that I knew before getting into photography, but for this weekend, I have known one of them for longer than anyone else in the world, other than my parents. This wedding also marked a first for me. This wedding I was doing double duties, as not only was I serving as the photographer, but also I served in the bridal party as one of the best men/groomsmen with family friend, Brian.

Kenny is obviously very close to me, considering he is my brother. He and I have been through so much together, that I was honored to stand beside him as he took this step in his life. Kenny and I have been grounded together, kicked out of Mrs. Garner's Latin class together, fought together, cried together, and been in trouble numberous times together. Through it all, though, Kenny and I are closer now than we have ever been, dispite him, Kelly and Fiona living some 1,200 miles and 18 hours away. I love my brother and I am so proud of him for what he has done, and can honestly say that he is my best friend.

Kenny and Kelly have an interesting story. My earliest memories of Kelly were from 5th and 6th grade. I can remember seeing her in the middle school gym after school, knowing that she had a big crush on my brother. Kelly moved away in middle school, taking with her that huge crush that she had on my brother. Her and Kenny both chose two VERY different paths in life, and somehow were reacquianted a few years back, after my brother returned from military training in Georgia. Our family and I could tell that there was definitely something there, as she had given Kenny something that he needed, whether he realized it or not. They dated over long distances for some time before they decided to move to Houston together.

What a way to start their lives together as husband and wife than bringing their closest friends and family together in Oklahoma City, on a holiday weekend.

This could very well be one of my favorite photos I have ever taken.

The "Gettin' Ready" pictures... And Fiona being a little doll as usual.

The cake sharing, even a bite for Fiona.

This little one danced ALL NIGHT LONG... Even when no one else was dancing. And for 4, this one's got some moves.

More cute pictures and some photoshop fun on the last. Didn't realize until I got home that I had Fiona rubbing noses with Mommy and Daddy.

Photos from the first dance and the toast...

Now I have given several speeches in my life, to various audiences, but nothing will compare to giving a toast to these two. Trying to say what I wanted to say, without using what I had prepared, and without crying as I anticipated I would do, turned out to be one of the most difficult things I have done. But I wanted to share with them and all their guest how happy I am for the two of them, and how much I love them both. I love you guys!

As you can also tell by this photo and what I said earlier, I was not able to take all of the pictures this day, so I want to give a huge 'Thank you!' to our father for stepping in and shooting pictures when I couldn't. He shot all of the pictures during the ceremony as well as some during the reception. Not only that, he was my 'pack mule' helping to carry my gear around after the wedding.

Church (with a little fun with Photoshop)

Mom walking Kelly down the Aisle

Fiona looking at Mommy and Daddy

Fiona ready to get her dancing on

Fiona and her Friend

"Just Married" Carriage Kiss



Amber & Mike's Wedding - Elwood, IN - 14June08

My first wedding back in my hometown and my first wedding where I knew almost everyone before anyone contacted me about my photography. Mike has been a great friend since Jr. High School. We have shared similar interests, jobs, school activities, and friends most our lives. Mike and I had lost touch for awhile when I was in Florida and had just moved to Ohio, but kept running into eachother at a gas station in Elwood when I would come back into town. I happened to hand him a business card on one of those trips to get a Mountain Dew, and low and behold, it lead to a wedding.

I do have to say that Mike did well in picking Amber. Amber is not only beautiful, but she is a great mom, and all-in-all a wonderful person. Amber didn't grow up with us, but she seems to fit in so well with all of our friends and family in Elwood. Amber comes from a great family that really knows how to have a good time, as I found out at the wedding reception.

The church venue for the wedding has been undergoing some construction over the past year, and as of this weekend, I still do not believe that they are finished. However, they still hosted the wedding, dispite not having the air conditioning working until a few hours before the ceremony. So this warm, June, Saturday became a little stressful as we were worried that we were going to have a wedding over the sound of box fans all over the sanctuary.

While shooting pictures of the others, the guys would stand over the AC registers to cool off as the AC came back on.

I even got the hero of the day, Alan from Efficient Systems, to pose for a picture with the Bride and Groom.

Yea, what a bunch!

Dustin Pimpin...

Rick wishing the cake cutting was a little messier...

Fun at the Reception, including one awkward looking group hug...



Katie & Brad - Falls of Rough, Kentucky - 03May08

Katie and Brad... This couple has been nothing but fun from day one since we met. If you recall this was the couple that came to Indianapolis to do their engagement shoot in March, only to have the weather dip down to 20 degree wind chills and 30 MPH gusting winds, but they stuck it out and helped me get some great pictures. Brad and Katie are such an adorable couple to begin with, but then you mix their families and friends together at a gorgeous venue like the Lodge in Falls of Rough, Kentucky, and you have yourself a great time.

There was no getting away from this one.

Yea, it was a long night.



Kellie & Ryan - Indianapolis, Indiana - 01Mar08

Okay, so this couple will ALWAYS be special to me, not only because they were the first couple to book my services after I made the decision to go pro at this, but because they are such a great couple. I have more fun around them and just enjoy hanging out with them almost as much as I enjoy being their photographer.

Yes, that is a Peyton Manning jersey under the suit of the man who pronounced them. Gotta love it!

Someone was camera shy almost all day.

But I finally got her to smile for me.

Camera-shy maybe, but not on the dance floor and definitely not shy around the boys... far from it. This one was calling them out on the dance floor all night.

What a fun group!

This won't be the last time we see these 3! ;) *hint, hint*



Leukemia Benefit for Blake LaForce - Vandalia, OH - 12April08

So I learned some valuable things about the community of Vandalia, Ohio on this evening. This community knows how to pull together to support a worthy cause, because on this night, the American Legion Hall in Vandalia was the place to be. To say that Vandalia came out this night to support this family would be selling the event short, because it felt like most of Ohio came out this night. This event was an amazing show of compassion and support for one family's concerns. The event featured a $20 steak dinner with the food donated from area restaraunts, including well over 1000 delicious steaks donated from the local Outback Steakhouse. There were hundreds of items donated and auctioned off in serveral auctions throughout the night as well, some of which auctioned for thousands. This night was amazing to just see the caring and compassion of the people there and the people in the community.

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"Baby A's" Baptism - 04.05.08

"Baby A"... Yea, lets all go ahead and say it... "Awww..." This precious little girl is something else. Going through a baptism at 5 months old, she didn't even fuss, cry, or have any problems with the whole event. During the actual ceremony, she even stopped looking at Father Frank, turned and looked at her mom, and then rolled over to look right at me and my camera, as if to make sure that I was getting her good side. :) Adorable.

She comes from an adorable family, and I cannot thank them enough for giving me the opportunity to capture these moments for them. It was a great event for me, as my first baptism that I have had the chance to photograph.

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