What can be said that hasn't already been discussed on this website about this combination... You bring Steve up to the Maylen's house in South Lyon and you are in for one heck of a night. This was the fifth show of Steve's at the Maylens' and the 3rd in 'The Barn', yet we still have a fair amount of first timers coming to these shows, who leave just blown away by the entire night.

It is not just Steve's music, his antics, his banter, or his wit that keeps people, like myself, coming back for more each time he comes around the Midwest. It is also the hosts, like the Maylens, the friends, like Modl and Chris Wolf and 'Frag' and Megan, and Lisa, and Charlotte, Nessa, Colleen, and everyone who travels from all around just to come see Steve. It is also the camping, all the tie-die, the dirt floor, the annual neighbor complaints, and the whole atmosphere in general, that brings us back. The food, and entertainment aside from the show that just leaves a lasting impression in our thoughts as we wait for the next time Steve comes out our way.

This show also marked the first time that Chris Wolf was able to grace The Barn's Stage as he was invited to open up the show for Steve, and Chris continues to entertain and win over fans every where I see him perform. It is always a pleasure to see Chris and Dianne and hear Chris perform.

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