Not too often is a photographer such as my self lucky enough to be asked to photograph two of the most precious beings imaginable, but this was just the case when I was asked by a friend to come to Cincinnati and photograph Zane and Aspen. I was more than willing to make the drive down to Cincinnati, a second time even, for the chance to take some pictures of these two, and their proud, big sister.

I absolutely fell in love with these two as soon as I laid eyes on them, and as you can tell, the camera does not phase them whatsoever. I am REALLY looking forward to getting to document more of these two, their sister and family, as they get older. They were amazing to work with, and other than a little bladder control issue, not a problem at all. :)

Aspen was even gracious enough to help me out with getting a signature shot for advertising future child photography. If you lay a child on blocks, the blocks will get moved. If you present the right opportunity, you can make art!

I mean, com'on... How freakin' cute is that?!?!

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