So I learned some valuable things about the community of Vandalia, Ohio on this evening. This community knows how to pull together to support a worthy cause, because on this night, the American Legion Hall in Vandalia was the place to be. To say that Vandalia came out this night to support this family would be selling the event short, because it felt like most of Ohio came out this night. This event was an amazing show of compassion and support for one family's concerns. The event featured a $20 steak dinner with the food donated from area restaraunts, including well over 1000 delicious steaks donated from the local Outback Steakhouse. There were hundreds of items donated and auctioned off in serveral auctions throughout the night as well, some of which auctioned for thousands. This night was amazing to just see the caring and compassion of the people there and the people in the community.

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