I recently had the chance to head to Memphis, Tennessee to see Steve's touring with Ian McLagan and the Bump Band, but had to cancel my trip. So I decided that since I was off work, I'd make the trip up to Cleveland to catch them play at the Beachland Ballroom. This was quite a nice venue, but was in a terrible neighborhood. One wrong turn off the interstate and you are in a less-than desirable part of Cleveland. However, that didn't stop us.

I hitched a ride to Cleveland with a friend and fellow Poltz fan, Colleen and her friend Amanda. I almost didn't get to make this trip as some logistics almost made it impossible for my ride to pick me up on the way. We made the trip and got there with some time to spare.

The venue was nice as I mentioned. This show was probably targeting an older generation, but we still had a great time and enjoyed the show. Had a great time rocking out with a George Harrison look-a-like, and his friends. This was my first time hearing Ian McLagan and the Bump Band, but I had seen Jud "Scrappy" Newcombe in New Jersey in the past. So it was a treat to get to see him play with Steve on a few songs as well as playing with the Bump Band.

This was an eventful trip aside from the show, to say the least. Our ride home featured us playing a little round of "Jeopardy" under the category of "Things that happened last night in Cleveland", which included a lot of memorable moments to say the least. This was definitely a road trip and show that I will not forget any time soon.