David and Ali... What a couple! I have to say that this has been one of the best times I have ever had shooting pictures. These two both come from awesome families and have the greatest friends.

I knew that this one was going to be a fun one when I heard that Mr. Alex Orick was going to be the ringbearer. Alex is one of that many children that my grandmother, my "Nan" has baby sat for over the years. Alex has been around Nan's house to see my brother, Kenny, join the Army, and head off to Afghanistan. He is always excited to see Kenny and wants to grow up and help Kenny in Afghanistan. So hearing that Alex was going to be a part of the wedding party, I knew that I was in for a fun event!

This wedding event also marked a reunion of sorts for me, as I was reacquainted with a couple of my childhood friends, in David and Dustin Robling. Getting to see them and their family again as a treat, as it has been more than 14 years since we had hung out.

Ali was not only the beautiful bride in this wedding, but was also primarily responsible for almost all of the planning and arrangements of the entire event. I have yet to come across a potential bride that has been as organized as she was.

Albeit a very long day, it was a day that I know I won't soon forget, and I am sure that it is one that those friends and families of these two will remember as well. David and Ali, I wish you nothing but the best of happiness and love as you guys start your lives together. I am truely honored to have been a part of your memorable day.