Now Mike and Amber's wedding may have been the first that I have done as a professional for people that I knew before getting into photography, but for this weekend, I have known one of them for longer than anyone else in the world, other than my parents. This wedding also marked a first for me. This wedding I was doing double duties, as not only was I serving as the photographer, but also I served in the bridal party as one of the best men/groomsmen with family friend, Brian.

Kenny is obviously very close to me, considering he is my brother. He and I have been through so much together, that I was honored to stand beside him as he took this step in his life. Kenny and I have been grounded together, kicked out of Mrs. Garner's Latin class together, fought together, cried together, and been in trouble numberous times together. Through it all, though, Kenny and I are closer now than we have ever been, dispite him, Kelly and Fiona living some 1,200 miles and 18 hours away. I love my brother and I am so proud of him for what he has done, and can honestly say that he is my best friend.

Kenny and Kelly have an interesting story. My earliest memories of Kelly were from 5th and 6th grade. I can remember seeing her in the middle school gym after school, knowing that she had a big crush on my brother. Kelly moved away in middle school, taking with her that huge crush that she had on my brother. Her and Kenny both chose two VERY different paths in life, and somehow were reacquianted a few years back, after my brother returned from military training in Georgia. Our family and I could tell that there was definitely something there, as she had given Kenny something that he needed, whether he realized it or not. They dated over long distances for some time before they decided to move to Houston together.

What a way to start their lives together as husband and wife than bringing their closest friends and family together in Oklahoma City, on a holiday weekend.

This could very well be one of my favorite photos I have ever taken.

The "Gettin' Ready" pictures... And Fiona being a little doll as usual.

The cake sharing, even a bite for Fiona.

This little one danced ALL NIGHT LONG... Even when no one else was dancing. And for 4, this one's got some moves.

More cute pictures and some photoshop fun on the last. Didn't realize until I got home that I had Fiona rubbing noses with Mommy and Daddy.

Photos from the first dance and the toast...

Now I have given several speeches in my life, to various audiences, but nothing will compare to giving a toast to these two. Trying to say what I wanted to say, without using what I had prepared, and without crying as I anticipated I would do, turned out to be one of the most difficult things I have done. But I wanted to share with them and all their guest how happy I am for the two of them, and how much I love them both. I love you guys!

As you can also tell by this photo and what I said earlier, I was not able to take all of the pictures this day, so I want to give a huge 'Thank you!' to our father for stepping in and shooting pictures when I couldn't. He shot all of the pictures during the ceremony as well as some during the reception. Not only that, he was my 'pack mule' helping to carry my gear around after the wedding.

Church (with a little fun with Photoshop)

Mom walking Kelly down the Aisle

Fiona looking at Mommy and Daddy

Fiona ready to get her dancing on

Fiona and her Friend

"Just Married" Carriage Kiss