Another amazing Poltz weekend! Steve performed another show, his 8th I believe, at Lou & Rain's house. A great evening started off with the beautiful Carrie Engdahl's set, which became apparent after the first few songs to be a perfect opening for the antics of Mr. Poltz. Carrie is by far New Jersey's best female singer/songwriter.

Steve played much more of his new music and announced his Australia tour at the end of this year (Dec 25 - Jan 11), as well as announced the date of the release of his new album(s). Apparently there will be 2 CD's released early next year, and for reasons obvious to most Poltz fans, I would prefer not to post the date, since it has changed soooo many times over the last few years.

Again, another fun and exciting trip to New Jersey (my 2nd this year), to Rain and Lou's humble abode. Again meeting many more great people along the way. This trip was my first Springer-less Poltz show, which was odd. "Springer, we miss ya, girl!"

I was able to spend most of my time in Jersey with Morgan and Megan, our Poltz friends from Chicago, which was really RAD! Had a great time all around, and not looking forward to the drive back to Ohio. Enjoy the photos, and Rob, "Sorry, but I don't think anyone filled your shoes as archivist for this show. So a set list may be hard to come by."

Again, many thanks to Rain and Lou for their generocity in hosting these great shows year after year, and thanks to them for allowing me the opportunity to come enjoy them and try to capture some of the moments for others to see! "You guys rock!"