The first of a few family weddings that I am going to have the opportunity to attend this year and early next year. My cousin Stephanie and her, now husband, Bob, tied the knot on September 8th at a beautiful ceremony at Avalon Manor in Merrillville, Indiana. It was such a unique wedding service and such a friendly atmosphere that welcomed me to bring out my camera and get some shots right along side the paid photographers from DSP Images.

I personally want to thank Brian and Danny from DSP Images for their allowing me to shoot right along side them and talk photography with them throughout the evening. Also, the minister/pastor, who I didn't get's name, also a Canon Photographer on the side, and even brought out his camera and shot with us after the wedding.

So all and all, this was a great friendly wedding with great scenery and a great venue. I cannot speak for all the guests, but I know I had a great time. I want to wish Bob and Stephanie much love and much happiness in their new lives together. And, Bob, "Welcome to the family!"

NOTE: My apologies to the Spajer side of the family and Bob's guests. These photos were initially taken just to provide images of the event for the Hammond/Bucci side of the family that could not attend, therefore I am sorry for not shooting more of the rest of the guests/family.