Another great road trip to see Mr. Poltz and friends, led me to Lexington, KY. It just happened to be that this Saturday road trip, Lexington was not only graced with the presence of Poltz fans, but also there was a little football game going on down the road from the American Legion Hall. So some of Gainsville, Florida's faithful were also in Lexington as their Florida Gators defeated the UK Wildcats 45-37 at Commonwealth Stadium.

Poltz has been touring with his good friend, Tim Flannery, who is coming off his '07 season as the 3rd base coach for the San Francsico Giants. But being in Lexington, Kentucky, this show was even more special because we were in Tim's brother Tom's neighborhood. So what started out as just planning for a Poltz show, ended up being as close to a Poltz-a-poluza" as we have had in the midwest.

Jason Quicksall came down from Columbus, Ohio to open the show, and did he ever. Jason impressed us all, I would have to assume. Those of us that had never heard Jason's sound, were just amazed. He has a sound that reminds you of a little of Jack Johnson, a little of Billy Harvey, but unique all around. Jason has a sound that is definitely worth a listen. I can honestly say, his CD, "Wiser Side" is still in my CD player in my truck today. Now as you browse the photos from this show, please note that Jason was also the sound man for this show, and actually completely reran the entire sound system, moving speakers and subs, about 5 minutes before his set began. So he was a little over excerted before going on stage, and a little sweaty.

Following Jason's set, Tom Flannery entertained us with a set that included him bringing his old son on stage to sign a song with ihim as well as play one song. Just proves the talent that this family has.

Tom finished his set, and brought Tim up on stage. This was my first time getting to hear Tim's music live, and being a huge baseball fan myself, I knew I would be entertained. Tim's entertaining banter and beautiful lyrics had me hooked. But he's a friend of Steve Poltz, so how could you go wrong.

Steve's set could be summed up with one word, "Hyperactive". Steve had taken his normal insanity and antics and taken it to a hole new level on this night. Steve performed some of his usual set and then brought Tim back up on stage and did some songs with him and started stepping up the antics. Then Tim and Steve had Tom come up on stage, and I am still unsure as to what Steve was doing through some of the songs, but I think I have a photo of him attempting to do the "running man" as well as at one point jumping up and down and completely out of frame of the shots I was trying to get. What can you say... It's Steve.

All in all, another great show, with wonderful people. Other than a little disagreement with one of the American Legion members, I think the show went well. This was Steve's 2nd American Legion venue that he has performed at, and I am sure it won't be the last time he comes to Kentucky! Ryan and Brooke were awesome hosts, and I look forward to coming and seeing them in Kentucky again.

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