Words could not do this wedding justice. From the very beginning, I knew that this one was going to be special. The couple seemed from the very beginning to be soo relaxed and laid back about the day, that I just knew that it was going to be a fun day. What ended up being a beautiful Saturday in South Dayton, made for a perfect setting for Frank and Kathie's special day. The Baum Opera House was such a unique and perfect venue to host the families and friends, and made for some amazing photo opportunities.

The families of Kathie and Frank were ever so gracious to me and all the guests and made us all feel like we were a part of the families. The couple definitely have something special here and I am just ever so thankful that they gave me the opportunity to be a part of their special day.

The Opera House is such a cool historical building that I had never heard of before this event. It is such a cool place to visit and an even better place to photograph in. As you will see from some of the pictures just the sheer layout of the building allowed me some artistic freedom with my photography, that many buildings would not have offered. I loved using some of the mirrors and back drops for many of my pictures, as you will see.

Back to Frank and Kathie for a moment, before seeing all the photos... In talking to the Reverend after the rehersal we both agreed that this was going to be a fun day. The entire bridal party was so relaxed and passive, that we knew we weren't going to have any unneeded antimosity throughout the day. The bridal party was a mixture of some of the greatest people that Kathie and Frank have in their lives, and they made my job so much easier just by being themselves. I enjoyed getting to meet and mingle with each and every one of them, and enjoyed every minute of that long day.

Kathie and Frank, may you two have nothing but the best as you spend the rest of your lives together. You have something special, and I just hope that my photos convey that special bond that I got to see on your wedding day! Thanks again for allowing me into your lives for this moment, and I hope that we can work together again in the future!

The Unity Candle

The 10' Mural of the historic Baum Opera House

These reception center pieces were so cool.

This cake was gorgeous

Not pictured, the bride did EVERYONE else's hair this day

Someone had a rough night...


The best accidental shot I have had in a long time. Really cool!

The beautiful bride's maids...

Probably the most serious expression I saw on Kathie all day

Yea, 5 minute before the ceremony, we are still just havin' a blast!

The moms and their candles!

See how cool that mural was for a backdrop?

The kiss... Awwww...

Somehow she ALWAYS knew where the camera was.

I loved this mirror for getting interesting shots.

Stealing a moment through the mirror.

Best Man's Toast...

Reaction to the Best Man's Toast...

Maid of Honor's Toast...

Dad's Toast

Reaction to Dad's Toast...

There's that cake again... Wow!

Frank Sr., I needed a rest too, my friend!

Yea, we got something special here...

See what I mean!

So cute!

The image that best shows the attitude of the day.

One of the coolest shots I have ever tried, down 2 half flights of stairs through a mirror in the middle.

Yea, I teared up too!

Preston and Ms. Photogenic, I mean Jessica!

I don't think he left the dance floor all night!

The Chicken Dance!

Go, Don! Go, Don! :)

She found the camera overhead even!

Do we have our next bride?

This guy was insane, dancin' all night!

The 2 most photogenic dancers that night.

I think I got pictures of him dancing with EVERY gal at the reception! :)

Yea, he wore me out trying to follow him on the dance floor!

Mr. and Mrs. Frank and Kathie Brewster!

Another cool accident, only lit by the dome light in the car, when my flash didn't fire, but I love it!

The end of a great day, and the start of a wonderful marriage!