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"Baby A's" Baptism - 04.05.08

"Baby A"... Yea, lets all go ahead and say it... "Awww..." This precious little girl is something else. Going through a baptism at 5 months old, she didn't even fuss, cry, or have any problems with the whole event. During the actual ceremony, she even stopped looking at Father Frank, turned and looked at her mom, and then rolled over to look right at me and my camera, as if to make sure that I was getting her good side. :) Adorable.

She comes from an adorable family, and I cannot thank them enough for giving me the opportunity to capture these moments for them. It was a great event for me, as my first baptism that I have had the chance to photograph.

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ndy Girls - 03.09.08 - Indianapolis, IN

The 'Sex in the City' gal's from Indy came a callin' asking for a somewhat impromptu photoshoot on this weekend. Some details that we didn't take into consideration as much as we should have included 30 degree weather, staying out late the night before enjoying the musical talents of "Dave and Rae" at PJ O'Keafe's in Indy, and the little time zone change for Daylight Savings Time. Dispite all these things, somehow we managed to get some amazing shots from some unique vantage points around Indianapolis.

Now if the girls look somewhat familiar, they have all appeared in other galleries that I have posted on this site. They were all a part of the Jamaica wedding, and others have been in other portrait shoots from then to now. This group is insanely fun and this photoshoot was planned as this was going to be one of the last weekends all of the 'Sex in the City' gals were going to be all living in Indianapolis. So the pictures also have some sentimental value that I hope that my photos can convey to each of them.

This gallery is also going to mark the first posted using my new galleries hosted by one of my many new vendors. Now you can leave comments on each picture, order prints, and download the lower resolution images that have my logo on them for the online communities (i.e. MySpace, Facebook, etc.). Feel free to let me know what you guys think!

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Amber & Matt - 10.06.07 - Indianapolis, Indiana

This couple may look familiar to some of my regular guests to the site. Amber and her boyfriend Matt were with us in Negril, Jamaica back in February. Amber, Marcie's Maid of Honor during her wedding, and Matt got to talking some time after the wedding and decided that we would try to get together this year and do some portraits of her and Matt, as well as her and Matt and the rest of the family.

Matt and Amber are an awesome couple that have a relationship that is unique, if not special. Just being around them and you will see what I am talking about. There is an unspoken language that these two have that is awesome to witness.

This shoot didn't start off as well as any of us would like. We drove 15 minutes to the location that Matt and Amber wanted to have their pictures take, only to find it posing as a wedding venue for the day. So we drove around, and thanks to some GPS assistance, we found a park that was just being developed somewhere near Carmel, Indiana. This park, which I cannot for the life of me remember the name of, was full of great architecture as well as many different settings that made for some great photo opportunities. I am sure to revisit this park again for future shoots, as long as I can remember the name of the place. The amphitheater alone with the water features running throughout, is worth the trip.

I am forever grateful that I got to meet these two, and look forward to doing more of their photography for them in the future. Matt and Amber, Thanks for everything! You guys rock!

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Baby Alexis & Baby Karson

How can you go wrong taking photos of adorable babies...

Alexis was about 5 weeks old when I got first photograph her. She wasn't as photogenic as we would have wanted her to be, but even her "leave me alone and let me sleep" looks were precious.

Alexis is the child of a couple of friends of mine and will for sure make an appearance back on this site as she gets older.

Karson was about 16 months when I got to meet him first. This adorable boy is going to be a lady killer when he gets older, and considering how fascinated he was with my camera, could become a photographer some day.

He is the son of one of my closest friend's in Indiana, that I don't get to see enough of.