Who I am...


From the edge of the world to a barn in your backyard, I have a passion and an eye for the unique and interesting. There is nothing that I cannot see through my camera lens, and my enthusiasm shows in every click. I certifiably consider myself a "geek," with my extensive professional background in the IT world; but my true love lies in what the real world offers. The moments that are barely seconds on a clock, the timelessness of a smile, the twinkle of an eye, the pink in a cheek...those are the heart-stopping, split-second, once-in-a-lifetime memories that if not captured right then will slip away forever. Those are the instances I will find and steal out of time for you, in your perfect moment, on your perfect day, in a perfect photo.

I want to bring to life those flash instances that would otherwise be forgotten. I want to craft memories of your world and stamp it with my visions. I want to create life and hold on to it for years to come. I want to experience new cultures, witness beauty at its best, and I want to invite you to come with me. My camera allows me inside those special places, nooks and crannies that not everyone can see, places meant for only me, and I want to take you there.

I have been shooting for several years, but it wasn't until recently I discovered that my love of pictures goes well beyond my little Olympus D550 point and shoot. From landscapes to cityscapes to portraiture, my range extends from a flower in the wild to a concert in the park all the way to your wedding day. Traveling the world has allowed me to see everything from a different point of view, through the eye of a tourist, as well as, an artist. I have worked my way through Australia, ventured to the Caribbean and made my way across the United States. I am constantly inspired by the architecture I see, the nature that surrounds me and the people whom I meet. 

My love for live music and my passion for photography have launched what I hope will be a long and successful career, as those I have met along the way have created open doors and new opportunities wherever I go. I photograph various indie musicians including Steve Poltz and Billy Harvey, and in late 2006 I was invited to shoot a wedding in Negril, Jamaica, opening my eyes to a whole new world! 

I hope that you, my guests, friends, fans and clients, can come here to visit me, view my latest work, share in my travel adventures and see the world and your timeless moments through my eyes. Growing from a simple blog to a gallery of art and precious seconds stolen off the clock, this website has allowed me to expand my space into yours. 

When I implored my friends for a catchy name to my new venture, many ideas came from far and wide. I have to share and thank Matt for coming up with Joshography, which encompasses everything I want to give back to the world. The simplicity yet diversity of the title just struck him as it could sum up all of my goals, from photography, to this biography to the geography of my travels. 

Allow me to come with you into a place where life stands still and your perfect day can be captured in a perfect way.