ndy Girls - 03.09.08 - Indianapolis, IN

The 'Sex in the City' gal's from Indy came a callin' asking for a somewhat impromptu photoshoot on this weekend. Some details that we didn't take into consideration as much as we should have included 30 degree weather, staying out late the night before enjoying the musical talents of "Dave and Rae" at PJ O'Keafe's in Indy, and the little time zone change for Daylight Savings Time. Dispite all these things, somehow we managed to get some amazing shots from some unique vantage points around Indianapolis.

Now if the girls look somewhat familiar, they have all appeared in other galleries that I have posted on this site. They were all a part of the Jamaica wedding, and others have been in other portrait shoots from then to now. This group is insanely fun and this photoshoot was planned as this was going to be one of the last weekends all of the 'Sex in the City' gals were going to be all living in Indianapolis. So the pictures also have some sentimental value that I hope that my photos can convey to each of them.

This gallery is also going to mark the first posted using my new galleries hosted by one of my many new vendors. Now you can leave comments on each picture, order prints, and download the lower resolution images that have my logo on them for the online communities (i.e. MySpace, Facebook, etc.). Feel free to let me know what you guys think!

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Franzman Engagements - 03.15.08 - Rough River, KY

These two are a couple of troopers to say the least. We first tried this photoshoot in Indianapolis on 08March08. That proved to be a little too early in the year for an outdoor engagement shoot, but they were definitely great sports about things and survived the blustery 25 degree weather with 30 mph wind gusts to at least get a few cute shots at my new favorite park. However, after not feeling comfortable with the shots that we got in Indy, we decided to try a second photo shoot in Rough River, KY. What a gorgeous setting for an engagement shoot and eventually for their wedding.

After a nice scenic drive, albeit almost an hour out fo the way, I arrived and we started shooting almost immediately, just to have the rain move in and try to dampen our fun. But these two were not to be daunted by this, and we moved on, getting some adorable shots at their parents weekend home and even some at the resort where the wedding will take place.

So dispite some chilly days and even some rain clouds, and even a weak photographer almost passing out, we were able to capture some memories and some pictures that are sure to show up in my portfolio soon. I cannot tell you guys how excited I am for this wedding.



Steve Poltz - 02.27.08 - Dayton, OH

For the first time, I brought a family member to a Poltz show. This may not sound like a big deal, but some of Poltz's shows tend to drift into a direction that sometimes you don't want to bring a parent in on. However, this show, this night, was a perfect oportunity to introduce my father to Mr. Poltz and his antics.

The show this night was nothing short of a great time. The Truckee Brothers (or Truckee Bothers as you can see on the paper sign behind Chris in some of the photos) were awesome. I was able to pick up a couple of the Truckee Brother's CD's at this show, and they have just moved up to the top of my "must have" list for anyone that is looking for a great rock album. "It Came from the Speakers" and "Double Happiness" both are awesome CD's and well worth a purchase. They have a sound that is unique and catchy that I think anyone could appreciate!



Steve Poltz - 02.25.08 - Indianapolis, IN

So, in the few years that I have been following Mr. Poltz, I had yet to get to hear him in a musical setting with any similance of a band behind him until this night. Poltz, has been "Traveling" since December 25th, last year, has been to Australia and back, then jumped on the road with Chris and Patrick of the "Truckee Brothers" mid-January. This tour with two of the four members of the Truckee Brothers made its way into my neighborhood this week, and I knew that I couldn't miss it.

This show was definitely an interesting show to witness. Our good friend Chris Wolf was in attendance expecting to watch the show with the rest of us, when 2 minutes before show-time, Poltz pretty much just asked him, "How's everything going? Wanna open up for us tonight?" I am still not even sure that Chris had time to reply before he was already standing behind a microphone on stage.

This show also featured our door man from "Local's Only" being called on stage to play drums with "Cady" and "Peat" during their set. We had the road manager on stage playing bass to songs that he had never played before, and weather that seemed to only be nasty in Indy when the show was going on. The drive in and the drive home was fine, but about 3 inches of sleet and ice fell during the show. Just another bizarre Poltz show. This night also featured the beer coaster flipping contest after 2am, as club owner, Dave, showcased his coaster flipping talents, to the dismay of Truckee Brother, Patrick, and his potential childrens.

Poltz and the Cynics... A sound like none I have ever heard, but something that I do enjoy, and really look forward to hearing again. If the audio from this show is posted on in the coming weeks, it will definitely be one to listen to!



Steve Poltz - 10.20.07 - Lexington, KY

Another great road trip to see Mr. Poltz and friends, led me to Lexington, KY. It just happened to be that this Saturday road trip, Lexington was not only graced with the presence of Poltz fans, but also there was a little football game going on down the road from the American Legion Hall. So some of Gainsville, Florida's faithful were also in Lexington as their Florida Gators defeated the UK Wildcats 45-37 at Commonwealth Stadium.

Poltz has been touring with his good friend, Tim Flannery, who is coming off his '07 season as the 3rd base coach for the San Francsico Giants. But being in Lexington, Kentucky, this show was even more special because we were in Tim's brother Tom's neighborhood. So what started out as just planning for a Poltz show, ended up being as close to a Poltz-a-poluza" as we have had in the midwest.

Jason Quicksall came down from Columbus, Ohio to open the show, and did he ever. Jason impressed us all, I would have to assume. Those of us that had never heard Jason's sound, were just amazed. He has a sound that reminds you of a little of Jack Johnson, a little of Billy Harvey, but unique all around. Jason has a sound that is definitely worth a listen. I can honestly say, his CD, "Wiser Side" is still in my CD player in my truck today. Now as you browse the photos from this show, please note that Jason was also the sound man for this show, and actually completely reran the entire sound system, moving speakers and subs, about 5 minutes before his set began. So he was a little over excerted before going on stage, and a little sweaty.

Following Jason's set, Tom Flannery entertained us with a set that included him bringing his old son on stage to sign a song with ihim as well as play one song. Just proves the talent that this family has.

Tom finished his set, and brought Tim up on stage. This was my first time getting to hear Tim's music live, and being a huge baseball fan myself, I knew I would be entertained. Tim's entertaining banter and beautiful lyrics had me hooked. But he's a friend of Steve Poltz, so how could you go wrong.

Steve's set could be summed up with one word, "Hyperactive". Steve had taken his normal insanity and antics and taken it to a hole new level on this night. Steve performed some of his usual set and then brought Tim back up on stage and did some songs with him and started stepping up the antics. Then Tim and Steve had Tom come up on stage, and I am still unsure as to what Steve was doing through some of the songs, but I think I have a photo of him attempting to do the "running man" as well as at one point jumping up and down and completely out of frame of the shots I was trying to get. What can you say... It's Steve.

All in all, another great show, with wonderful people. Other than a little disagreement with one of the American Legion members, I think the show went well. This was Steve's 2nd American Legion venue that he has performed at, and I am sure it won't be the last time he comes to Kentucky! Ryan and Brooke were awesome hosts, and I look forward to coming and seeing them in Kentucky again.

img src="Poltz/Lexington/Poltz_38.jpg" border="0">



Amber & Matt - 10.06.07 - Indianapolis, Indiana

This couple may look familiar to some of my regular guests to the site. Amber and her boyfriend Matt were with us in Negril, Jamaica back in February. Amber, Marcie's Maid of Honor during her wedding, and Matt got to talking some time after the wedding and decided that we would try to get together this year and do some portraits of her and Matt, as well as her and Matt and the rest of the family.

Matt and Amber are an awesome couple that have a relationship that is unique, if not special. Just being around them and you will see what I am talking about. There is an unspoken language that these two have that is awesome to witness.

This shoot didn't start off as well as any of us would like. We drove 15 minutes to the location that Matt and Amber wanted to have their pictures take, only to find it posing as a wedding venue for the day. So we drove around, and thanks to some GPS assistance, we found a park that was just being developed somewhere near Carmel, Indiana. This park, which I cannot for the life of me remember the name of, was full of great architecture as well as many different settings that made for some great photo opportunities. I am sure to revisit this park again for future shoots, as long as I can remember the name of the place. The amphitheater alone with the water features running throughout, is worth the trip.

I am forever grateful that I got to meet these two, and look forward to doing more of their photography for them in the future. Matt and Amber, Thanks for everything! You guys rock!

Click on the image to see more of the photos from this shoot.



Brewster Wedding - 09.29.07 - Miamisburg, Ohio

Words could not do this wedding justice. From the very beginning, I knew that this one was going to be special. The couple seemed from the very beginning to be soo relaxed and laid back about the day, that I just knew that it was going to be a fun day. What ended up being a beautiful Saturday in South Dayton, made for a perfect setting for Frank and Kathie's special day. The Baum Opera House was such a unique and perfect venue to host the families and friends, and made for some amazing photo opportunities.

The families of Kathie and Frank were ever so gracious to me and all the guests and made us all feel like we were a part of the families. The couple definitely have something special here and I am just ever so thankful that they gave me the opportunity to be a part of their special day.

The Opera House is such a cool historical building that I had never heard of before this event. It is such a cool place to visit and an even better place to photograph in. As you will see from some of the pictures just the sheer layout of the building allowed me some artistic freedom with my photography, that many buildings would not have offered. I loved using some of the mirrors and back drops for many of my pictures, as you will see.

Back to Frank and Kathie for a moment, before seeing all the photos... In talking to the Reverend after the rehersal we both agreed that this was going to be a fun day. The entire bridal party was so relaxed and passive, that we knew we weren't going to have any unneeded antimosity throughout the day. The bridal party was a mixture of some of the greatest people that Kathie and Frank have in their lives, and they made my job so much easier just by being themselves. I enjoyed getting to meet and mingle with each and every one of them, and enjoyed every minute of that long day.

Kathie and Frank, may you two have nothing but the best as you spend the rest of your lives together. You have something special, and I just hope that my photos convey that special bond that I got to see on your wedding day! Thanks again for allowing me into your lives for this moment, and I hope that we can work together again in the future!

The Unity Candle

The 10' Mural of the historic Baum Opera House

These reception center pieces were so cool.

This cake was gorgeous

Not pictured, the bride did EVERYONE else's hair this day

Someone had a rough night...


The best accidental shot I have had in a long time. Really cool!

The beautiful bride's maids...

Probably the most serious expression I saw on Kathie all day

Yea, 5 minute before the ceremony, we are still just havin' a blast!

The moms and their candles!

See how cool that mural was for a backdrop?

The kiss... Awwww...

Somehow she ALWAYS knew where the camera was.

I loved this mirror for getting interesting shots.

Stealing a moment through the mirror.

Best Man's Toast...

Reaction to the Best Man's Toast...

Maid of Honor's Toast...

Dad's Toast

Reaction to Dad's Toast...

There's that cake again... Wow!

Frank Sr., I needed a rest too, my friend!

Yea, we got something special here...

See what I mean!

So cute!

The image that best shows the attitude of the day.

One of the coolest shots I have ever tried, down 2 half flights of stairs through a mirror in the middle.

Yea, I teared up too!

Preston and Ms. Photogenic, I mean Jessica!

I don't think he left the dance floor all night!

The Chicken Dance!

Go, Don! Go, Don! :)

She found the camera overhead even!

Do we have our next bride?

This guy was insane, dancin' all night!

The 2 most photogenic dancers that night.

I think I got pictures of him dancing with EVERY gal at the reception! :)

Yea, he wore me out trying to follow him on the dance floor!

Mr. and Mrs. Frank and Kathie Brewster!

Another cool accident, only lit by the dome light in the car, when my flash didn't fire, but I love it!

The end of a great day, and the start of a wonderful marriage!



Sovern Wedding - 09.22.07 - Alexandria, Indiana

Being of my own family's weddings, the Sovern wedding was another one that was very special to attend. Andy and Beth are one of the cutest couples that I have seen, and seem to have everything that it takes to make it all work. Just to see them together, anyone could see this to be true.

The wedding ceremony itself was cool for me in that I got to see more of my extended family that I haven't seen in years. This was a beautiful service. And for me this was the 2nd straight wedding that the reverend/pastor presiding over the service was also a photographer. However in this case, he and his son were the paid photographers. So out of respect to them, I did my best to just be a wall-flower with my new camera.

This was the first wedding that I shot with my new Canon EOS 40D. And as you will see from the photos, I still had some tweaking to do on the camera. I learned a lot from shooting this service, and was glad that I was just welcomed to attend. I apologize from the graininess on some of the images, but overall, I am pleased with the shots that I got.

Congratulations to Beth and Andy, and I am slowly running out of single cousin's it seems.



Shout, Sister, Shout - 09.23.07 - South Lyon, MI

So, you want to know a great formula for fun on a Sunday afternoon? Well here is one that made for one heck of a show.

First you take the somewhat southern, somewhat blue, old school radio sounds of Steppin' In It and then you add the beautiful, soulful voice of Ms. Rachael Davis and you get the amazing sounds of Shout, Sister, Shout! Add this mixture to the one-of-a-kind, never disappointing venue of Matt and Terry Maylen's "The Barn" and you have an amazing concoction for a great time!

Matt and Terry just know how to host a great concert. There were many first timers at this show, as well as some veterans of the Maylen's concerts. But I am sure that each and everyone of them left there not only with a smile on their face, but a story to tell to their friends. This show was just all around a great deal of fun, and if you ever have the chance to see a show at "The Barn", you'd best not pass it up. This was the 2nd concert hosted in "The Barn", as Steve Poltz had a show their earlier this year. But as expected, the Maylen's nailed it again, this show was well worth the drive!

This show also marked my first chance to meet the newest addition to the Shout, Sister, Shout family, as Rachael was just 3 1/2 weeks removed from giving birth to Virgil Ryman "Action" Davis. Now this kid is going to be something special, as he has had music in his blood from day one.

Matt and his tribute to the "Milkmen"

Action... In "Grandma's Hands"

"I cry over spilt milk" - Loved the shirt, Springer!

Click on the image to see this full sized.



Spajer Wedding - 09.08.07 - Merrillville, Indiana

The first of a few family weddings that I am going to have the opportunity to attend this year and early next year. My cousin Stephanie and her, now husband, Bob, tied the knot on September 8th at a beautiful ceremony at Avalon Manor in Merrillville, Indiana. It was such a unique wedding service and such a friendly atmosphere that welcomed me to bring out my camera and get some shots right along side the paid photographers from DSP Images.

I personally want to thank Brian and Danny from DSP Images for their allowing me to shoot right along side them and talk photography with them throughout the evening. Also, the minister/pastor, who I didn't get's name, also a Canon Photographer on the side, and even brought out his camera and shot with us after the wedding.

So all and all, this was a great friendly wedding with great scenery and a great venue. I cannot speak for all the guests, but I know I had a great time. I want to wish Bob and Stephanie much love and much happiness in their new lives together. And, Bob, "Welcome to the family!"

NOTE: My apologies to the Spajer side of the family and Bob's guests. These photos were initially taken just to provide images of the event for the Hammond/Bucci side of the family that could not attend, therefore I am sorry for not shooting more of the rest of the guests/family.



Steve Poltz - 08.11.07 - Hightstown, NJ

Another amazing Poltz weekend! Steve performed another show, his 8th I believe, at Lou & Rain's house. A great evening started off with the beautiful Carrie Engdahl's set, which became apparent after the first few songs to be a perfect opening for the antics of Mr. Poltz. Carrie is by far New Jersey's best female singer/songwriter.

Steve played much more of his new music and announced his Australia tour at the end of this year (Dec 25 - Jan 11), as well as announced the date of the release of his new album(s). Apparently there will be 2 CD's released early next year, and for reasons obvious to most Poltz fans, I would prefer not to post the date, since it has changed soooo many times over the last few years.

Again, another fun and exciting trip to New Jersey (my 2nd this year), to Rain and Lou's humble abode. Again meeting many more great people along the way. This trip was my first Springer-less Poltz show, which was odd. "Springer, we miss ya, girl!"

I was able to spend most of my time in Jersey with Morgan and Megan, our Poltz friends from Chicago, which was really RAD! Had a great time all around, and not looking forward to the drive back to Ohio. Enjoy the photos, and Rob, "Sorry, but I don't think anyone filled your shoes as archivist for this show. So a set list may be hard to come by."

Again, many thanks to Rain and Lou for their generocity in hosting these great shows year after year, and thanks to them for allowing me the opportunity to come enjoy them and try to capture some of the moments for others to see! "You guys rock!"



Springer of Springer Productions - 07.19.07

A spontaneous photoshoot with Springer of Springer Productions. Such a beautiful smile to go a long with a beautiful personality. Springer is a great person and a great friend, and I thank her for all that she has done for me. She is so photogenic, and that is a photographer's best trait in a friend.

Love ya, Spring, and I hope these bring a smile to your face! Enjoy!





















































Kellie and Ryan's Engagement Shots

Kellie and Ryan... An awesome couple that are out to put everyone in their place in tying the knot next March. Such a cute couple that is so much fun to be around. And I think that they both agree that just a simple photo shoot over the weekend couldn't have been as fun with just anyone else. One of the perks of this new job, I guess. I had a blast with them, and cannot wait until I get to work with them again next March.



Steve Poltz - 06.09.07 - Chicago, IL

What an amazing way to close out the Midwest part of this tour. Steve's time on stage was limitted due to another concert after his show at Shuba's. Even still, Steve rocked the house and finished up his set with so much bottled up energy, that it literally spilled out into the streets of Chicago. Well across the street to the sidewalk in front of the bank across from Shuba's. Here, Steve put on a second show of the evening for all of his fans that had travelled far and wide to come see him. He even made new fans from random passing people.



Poltz Weekend 06.01.07 - 06.03.07

Another amazing Poltz weekend... Wow! I am still just blown away by Steve's antics and songs. He is an amazing musician and an even better man. Steve puts on an amazing show wherever he performs, but get him out in the Midwest and in some of these livingroom shows like the one that Springer Productions puts on in Frankton, Indiana, and like that the Maylen's host in South Lyon, Michigan, and you are in for a treat.

This weekend, Steve began with the Frankton show at the American Legion Hall. Albeit it was a little warm this time around, the show heated up more with Chris Wolf's comedic song lyrics and Steve's antics and passion for music.

After the Frankton show, Steve, Springer, Rob and I made the trek up I69 towards the Maylens. Several stops for Starbucks, and stops caused by my drinking 44 oz. Moutain Dews later, we arrived in South Lyon for the unveiling of "The Barn". This was the first show ever at "The Barn" and what a way to christen this great new venue.

The weekend concluded with the annual stop to Local's Only in Indianapolis, where for a Midwest bar venue, the Poltz fans seem to come out of the woodwork, including representatives from "The Bob and Tom Show," dedicated faithful fans, and this year, we were blessed with the surprise visit of Matt and Terri from the Saturday night show in South Lyon. An amazing show, in which Steve surprised us all with some unforseeable antics. We were blessed with a stage dive of sorts, right into our table, as well as a surprise guest duet with Chris Wolf and Springer, when Steve decided to take part in the crowds viewing of an amazing version of Chris' invisible dog song.



Baby Alexis & Baby Karson

How can you go wrong taking photos of adorable babies...

Alexis was about 5 weeks old when I got first photograph her. She wasn't as photogenic as we would have wanted her to be, but even her "leave me alone and let me sleep" looks were precious.

Alexis is the child of a couple of friends of mine and will for sure make an appearance back on this site as she gets older.

Karson was about 16 months when I got to meet him first. This adorable boy is going to be a lady killer when he gets older, and considering how fascinated he was with my camera, could become a photographer some day.

He is the son of one of my closest friend's in Indiana, that I don't get to see enough of.



05 May 2007 - Rachel Davis w/ Chirs Wolf - Frankton, Indiana

What a night... This was a first for many people this night. This was the first time that Rachael Davis had come to Frankton, Indiana to perform at a Springer Productions show, this one hosted at Spring and Jesse's house. This was the first time that Chris Wolf got to share a stage a meet Rachel Davis. This was the first concert held out doors at the "Red Curtain Room", also known as Spring and Jesse's house.

Rachael, who's beautiful voice can take on a life of its own when you experience it live, blew away some of the Frankton faithful who were getting to see her for the first time. Her voice is one that cannot be compared to any. She has a sound that will just pull you into the soulful lyrics and smooth sounds of her music. I highly recommend anyone take the chance to go see Rachel live and go pick up her CD's.

Chris Wolf... What can I say... Chris continues to impress me each time I see him play. He has a lyrical style that will bring out the child in all of us, and keeps the audience smiling a laughing throughout his set. He is gaining a following each time he performs, and has found a new fan in me.

Spring and Jesse know how to put on a great show. The hosts for some of the best concerts I have ever been to, and two of the greatest people I know. Looking forward to their next production next month, as they bring Steve Poltz back to Frankton.



My First Wedding!

Yes, my first wedding as a photographer. I don't know if I can thank Marcie and Erich enough for letting me share this moment with them. Even without taking all the photos and what this wedding may do for my career as a photographer, it was an amazing time, and memories that will last forever! I love you guys, and wish you the best in everything as you spend the rest of your lives together. I also want to thank everyone else that went along for making me feel as if I was a part of your guys' crew. You are all awesome people, and I hope that my photos do well in capturing moments in time that we will all cherish!

What can I say... The wedding was in Negril, Jamaica. How could the pics have been bad, when you are around beautiful people, on a beautiful resort, and in beautiful weather, right next to a beautiful beach!